Commercial, Industrial & Residential Income Real Estate Investments

American Federal Properties will show you the many types of Commercial, Industrial & Residential Income Real Estate Investments. Along with showing you these investments, our Real Estate Brokers will also explain the concepts of all types of Investments, as well as what to do when you find an investment you like.
Below you will see the types of transactions that we list and sell.

Types of transaction we typically List and Sell:

Locating Quality Investments

After you select a property that suits your tastes, our Real Estate Brokers will  find the properties that match your criteria. Once we find the property, we will analyze all documentation supplied to us from the Seller and write a purchase proposal based on this information.

Real Estate Sales

Let our Real Estate Brokers & Agents handle the sales and marketing of these investment properties that you hold now, so that all of the  pertinent information is correct and can be relayed to all prospective Buyers.

Contact us to learn more about how we help you with commercial real estate investments.